The trees will soon be bare.

Are rabbits able to swim?


I'm sure Kevyn had a good reason.

It seems you enjoy travelling the world.

Ric can't come to the phone.

I'll give you my answer tomorrow.

Who is in charge of this building?

You really are fond of eating.

Vaughn and I'll come together.

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I don't like to watch tv.


How to track the least visited pages and what to do with them?

Murthy can swim, too.

What fun would that be?

The bait is called beauty, it does entice - one can never foretell.

The house is built in European style.

We looked at the video.

I gave Anthony a mild sedative.

They try to do right and not look at what others are doing.

Please come to see me from time to time.


They carried a map with them in case they should lose their way.

Would you do me a favor?

You live in constant fear.


I like chess.

We need to find out where he's hiding.

Are you still here?


The doctor told me to avoid certain foods.

Playing go is my favorite pastime.

Charley handed Nelken a cup of hot coffee.

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What the newspaper said about the weather will certainly come true.

I'm no liar.

Whoever stole the money should be fired.

people believe that the whale possesses an intelligence comparable to man's

I've always been proud of him.

No, I don't. You had better look it up in a telephone directory.

I'm convinced Geoff can help us here.


Social networking sites are all the rage now.


I have a bad pain in my back.

Turn left at the next corner.

I'm tired of watching TV. Let's do something else.

I always place a high value on knowledge.

He has designs on your property.

Gill has got his whole life in front of him.

I have chapped lips.


She does all the cooking.

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We were arranging flowers.


What's that big building ahead of us?

The situation is very complicated.

Lincoln was a Republican.

I have a feeling you'll like Mexican food.

We all find them.

You have to push that door to open it.

Turkeer knows I've been shot.


He looked up at the stars.

Who was Queen Elizabeth?

The meat is smooth and soft.

I was embarrassed by what she said.

I never said I believed her.


Kevan was involved in Catherine's abduction.

Your cat will survive.

There is no table in the room.

Kathy allowed Tammy to leave early.

He excels us at tennis.

Judy will talk about Japan tomorrow.

I paid in full for this.

Take this knife and cut the top off.

He ran 100 meters in 11 seconds flat.


I can't keep track of our family budget.

We should tell him.

He could not breathe deeply.


We don't have enough room in the car for you.

She tied him up and gagged him, then she started to beat him savagely.

I don't want anything happening to you.


She should be there now because she left an hour ago.

What's your favorite city in the United States?

Tell me what else I should know.

The miner discovered a valuable pocket of gold.

Let's see what Granville wrote.


It's now well after suppertime so he will have eaten.

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Are you sure you want to know?

My friend feels very ill.

We didn't kiss.


I'm really happy about it.


He had a high opinion of her abilities.

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She is, as it were, a walking speaker.

I thought you might know.

Do you know that crying boy?

I'm seeing him again tonight.

I'm leaving in ten minutes.

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Gretchen may not be right.

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You don't know what it's like to not have enough to eat.


Manjeri went to go call the police.


Plastic bought me this book.

All the boys went away.

My son wants to be a Lincoln.

Manjeri skinned his knuckles.

Why didn't Tim call?

I come from a small town in Australia.

The reason was unclear.


We can't get Erwin on the phone.

There are people who say that the politeness of Englishmen is essentially a sense of fear.

What's expected of me?

Is Terri an alcoholic?

Try to listen to serious things.

Nobody has Internet in my country.

In the morning, the birds started to sing.

I'd appreciate some help.

Dawn, hurry it up.


It became obvious that he was late for his class.

I still need to talk to her.

Marsh stared at the floor, not wanting to say anything.

That's a huge challenge.

Toby really liked me, I think.


I bought a watch with cash.

Roman, do you love me?

He fully realizes that he was the cause of the accident.

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How goes it?

You don't need to worry about us.

The work is a heavy tax on my health.


I was born in the north, but now I live in Florida.

I gave you an extra hour and you still didn't finish the job.

Doing that would be a waste of time.

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I can see some intricate patterns in the picture.

I'm glad I don't need that.

I didn't strangle him.

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The road was closed on account of the flood.

I'll get one.

Anton declined to be interviewed.


Then you suddenly heard a loud bang, like a revolver being fired.

I won't pay for Galen.

The team shares the opinion of their captain.

You don't know when Rajendra will come, do you?

It was horrifying.

The injury caused the athlete great pain.

You can see some wild rabbits in the forest.

I'm interested in data related to the Great Wall. What is its length, its breadth and height?

We hope that you will succeed.

Anna wanted to do all the talking.

It feels good to be back.

I didn't send for her.

She had something weird on her head.

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I just saw them three hours ago.


Can we try something else?

Many people are against the bill.

He told me where to buy origami.

I like art.

Mah is just as old as I am.


That place is always packed.

You're not lost, are you?

I just wanted to tell you I love you.

What does it feel like?

It can't be that.

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This is a serious song!

The mouse's tail is long.

She lost her hat, but soon found it.

I found her in the kitchen crying.

Let the revolt begin.


You first.


The fact seemed to irritate her husband.

The most important discoveries are the ones that we cannot anticipate.

That guy has a screw loose!